IRIS DIGITAL Slovakia 2020

International Research Interdisciplinary Schools

MOJMIROVCE, SLOVAKIA | September 11-16


The year 2020 has been a very special one. On the one hand, we have built on our 15 years of experience, on the other hand, we have had to face all new conditions and restrictions related to COVID 19 pandemics.

The IRIS Slovakia 2020 was in a great part on-line, a combination of personal and on-line participation - IRIS Digital Slovakia 2020. The personal part of the course was held in Mojmirovce, Slovakia with on-line participation of the foreign faculty and the foreign participants.

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”For me it is good chance to learn the basic steps for writing and management a project proposal. Yes. I will recommend young scientist to attend it as it is really good chance for learning. I think no other chance I have been attended for practical learning and creating of such cooperation like IRIS.

Gamal Zain, Egypt

”I really enjoyed working in the group with people from different fields. I again learned how important is sometimes to reconstruct our ideas from the very beginning. I would recommend this to scientists that either do research "on some populations" or have interest to do so."

Eva Dusicka, Slovakia

"I got a lot of practical recommendations for me about publishing the results of the study, collaborations with international specialists. I`m going to recommend this school to my colleagues, especially those who just start their scientific careers.”

Iana Andreieva, Ukraine

”I would appreciate to inform also the participants before arrival, what the course is

specifically about. This is simply because IRIS, as I saw, was focused more on clinical practice and clinical tests. The primary/hard science is quite different from the applicative science and the project proposals has different form. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to have people with similar education and job. Otherwise the IRIS was great and for the people from clinical trial was more than beneficial. For me, the greatest outcome was the experience of such intensive school and to see, how scientistand doctors think in the clinical trials. This, I believe could be helpful in the future."

Vaclav Bacovsky, Czech Republic

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